6 Tips to Stay Hydrated This Summer

  1. Flavor your water — Infuse your water with fresh fruits and vegetables like orange, strawberries, pineapple, cucumber slices, mint leaves or lemon juice. The added taste and flavor will make you like water more and increase your regular consumption. Water infused with fruits and vegetables boosts energy levels, detoxifies the body, and also increases your intake of vitamins and minerals from ingredients added.
  2. Eat hydrating fruits and vegetables — Around 20% of your water intake should come from food. So, eat plenty of water-rich fruits and vegetables like watermelon, melon, mangoes, pineapple, cucumber, gourd vegetables, lettuce, zucchini etc. They are extremely hydrating because of high water content and also boost immunity due to presence of vitamins, and antioxidants. The mineral content makes up for the electrolytes that are lost in sweating.
  3. Limit intake of dehydrating beverages — Caffeinated drinks like tea, coffee, colas, and energy drinks can cause mild dehydration. So, it is best to limit the intake of coffee and tea — not more than two cups a day! Try to replace your regular tea and coffee with herbal green teas. They boost your intake of antioxidants and benefit your health, without making you dehydrated. You can also have refreshing fruit smoothies and milk shakes for fluid intake.
  4. Try these summer drinks — Hot weather drains energy and hence it is highly likely for you to gravitate towards icy and sugary drinks. It is best to avoid colas, soda drinks, and packaged juices that only give you empty calories and temporary cooling effect. The energy drinks that promise you instant energy boost have high caffeine which can further dehydrate you. Replace those drinks with refreshing coconut water- it is full of minerals and replenishes electrolytes that are lost in sweating. Make traditional drinks using natural fruits like unripe mango (Aam panna), kokum (kokum drink), lemon (lemonade) etc. Drinks made from natural ingredients provide important nutrients that benefit your immunity, and also contain dietary fibre for gut health.
  5. Cool down — It is important to regulate your body temperature to avoid dehydration. Avoid going outdoors as much as possible during the day. Schedule your workout during cooler times of the day. Incorporate cooling herbs like mint, coriander, and sweet basil in your regular food like sandwiches, salads, pasta. Avoid spicy food as it heats up your body and leads to sweating.



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