After The Climax…20 Things That Happen When You Quit Smoking

20 minutes after quitting

  1. Your heart rate drops
  2. Your blood pressure drops

8 hours after quitting

2 weeks to 3 months after quitting

1 to 12 months after quitting

1 to 2 years after quitting

5 to 10 years after quitting

10 years after quitting

15 years after quitting

  • Write down your reasons for quitting, and read this list everyday (you already have 20 reasons to get you started!).
  • Set a date for when you would like to quit and stick to it.
  • Make a note of the times you are most likely to smoke in a day, as well as your triggers for smoking.
  • It is also worth consulting a doctor about tools for quitting, such as nicotine gum or patches.
  • Tell others about your decision to quit and seek support and encouragement from them.
  • Start exercising regularly to relieve stress and boost your mood.
  • Get plenty of sleep and eat a well-balanced diet.
  • Joining a virtual support group helps too!
  • Ensure your house, car, and workspace are free of things that remind you of smoking, like cigarette packs, lighters, and ashtrays.



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