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Festivals are synonymous with fun, frolic, friends, family, and food. And no celebration is devoid of the delicious feasts to gorge on. But this joyful time of the year should not make you lose sight of your health while bingeing on unhealthy treats.

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On that note, you may have had this question on your mind every festive season:

How do I eat healthy during the festive season?

Dr. YOU is here to answer this question for you. And don’t worry, we’re not here to discourage you from enjoying the festive season! All you have to do is to be a little cautious, and these 9 healthy-eating tips will help you while making merry.

#1: Resist the temptation

There is a tendency to be swayed by the tempting aromas and sights of the delicacies that would easily gravitate you towards them. Try to be mindful at that moment and observe the food before starting to eat. Mindful eating involves attentively eating food, which helps avoid overeating and makes you choose healthier alternatives.

#2: Lower your portion size

Reduce the portion of the meal by half of the standard serving size and savour your meal slowly. Wait for a few minutes before you decide to go for a second serving, as your stomach takes time to send signals of satiety to your brain.

#3: Don’t overload your plate with desserts

Festive sweets and desserts are loaded with calories because they’re packed with refined sugar and unhealthy fats. These can instantly spike your blood sugar levels and may also contribute to weight gain. So, avoid eating such desserts to your heart’s content if you really care for your heart’s health. Choose to have moderately sweet desserts that have some kind of fibre content.

#4: Load up before the main course

It’s best to start your meal with nutritious snacks like salads, fruit platters, and soups. Protein-rich snacks that are made of white meat, cottage cheese, mushrooms, and lentils like chickpeas are healthy and keep you full for a longer time.

#5: Make healthy swaps when you can

Swap unhealthy fried foods with roasted food items, as anything deep-fried is unhealthy for your heart. Go for the fresh fruits at a buffet for dessert. You can opt for nuts and seeds instead of chips and cookies while munching.

#6: Balance it out

It’s better to not deprive yourself of everything delicious but unhealthy. Eat in moderate amounts and follow it up with something healthier like vitamin-rich smoothies or juices that also help in detoxification.

#7: Get moving

Staying physically active helps regulate your blood sugar and blood cholesterol levels. There are fun ways to burn the high calories that delicious feasts give you — dancing, playing games, and long walks with loved ones. So, sit less and move more, not only for your health’s sake but also to keep the festive spirit high.

#8: Stay hydrated

Drinking adequate water detoxifies the body and makes you feel energised throughout the day. It also regulates your digestion and keeps your skin glowing. To make drinking water a little more exciting, you can infuse your water with mint, green tea bags, ginger, or fennel seeds and sip it warm after heavy meals.

#9: No guilt trips, please!

If your healthy-eating routine still goes for a toss, despite all the precautions you took during the festive season, don’t feel guilty about it! This would do you more harm than good. You can always bounce back to your healthier eating habits and disciplined exercise routine. But keep in mind the tips mentioned above to help you make healthier choices. Be extra cautious if you have a chronic condition like heart disease, diabetes, or metabolic disorders.

Remember, the only person who can keep YOU the healthiest is YOU.

DISCLAIMER: Dr. YOU aims to bring you the latest evidence-based science, and our content is for informational purposes only. The content is not medical advice or guarantee of an outcome. You should always consult a doctor or qualified healthcare professional if you need further clarification and before making any changes to your treatment plans and lifestyle, or that of others.

Dr. YOU is a one-stop platform to address the health information needs of health consumers. Our goal is to arm people with the information necessary to make meaningful decisions regarding their health and nudge behaviour change.

With our combined experience of two decades in research and healthcare, we built the Dr. YOU platform around the WHO-endorsed “Best Buy” intervention design for preventing and managing chronic diseases.

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Empower YOUrself with the gift of health! Powered by @Saathealth, a chronic care digital health platform for positive health outcomes.

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Empower YOUrself with the gift of health! Powered by @Saathealth, a chronic care digital health platform for positive health outcomes.

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